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 Familias Argentinas manages two separate databases:

  1. Public genealogical database ( 432.071 names )

  2. Registered users database ( 33.983 users )

  1. The first one is the genealogical database fed by research of site users and other documentation ( books, publications, websites, etc. ), data is manually loaded.
    This page is not social or political and tries to prove the reality of universal kinship in every human group over time, where appropriate the Argentina society, even those like this with total disregard of the social background of those involved. Their purpose is therefore scientific, and is not intent of the webmaster and manager of the database to harm anyone or disseminate any sensitive data.
    If you are included on this public genealogical database and do not want to be you can request it by sending us an e-mail .

  2. The second is the database of registered users. This database contains voluntary registrations of each user that wants to view the genealogical database.
    Familias Argentinas sends weekly emails to its users with news on the new loaded data. You can modify your preferences to not receive mail ( Users ➙ My Profile ) so as not to appear on the list of registered users.
    If you registered, or recorded by someone else by mistake, and do not want to be, you can request it by sending us an e-mail .


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